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About Page

Hello there fellow customer!

Here at MaskOn we are always trying our best to come up with smart solutions to protect our community!

In order to protect and keep everyone safe during this pandemic, our team has worked proficiently to develop our Mask detecting AI.  Prioritizing everyone’s safety and health by wearing proper face covering is an important factor to help solve the current crisis. With the help of our software, we hope to provide you with the best possible results in order to solve this problem.

Our company is composed of several high school students from LaurenHill Academy in partners with Angelica Janevski. Our number one priority is to aid as many individuals as we can through our program. It can detect and ensure that people are wearing masks and can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are thankful for your support! We hope you enjoy our product.


MaskOn Corporation

A project made by the students from the LHA STEAM Program

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